• Kathy D. / Athlete

    About 4 yrs ago I injured my knee doing karate. Because my doctor told me that I might probably need a knee replacement I delayed surgery and treatment. However, when my knee got to the point of not bending because of the pain I agreed to surgery. To my surprise, a knee replacement was not necessary. The surgeon said it was a piece of torn cartilage that he removed. Recovery had been much slower than expected because of the stiffness in my knee.

    I contacted Dr. Green, and, after the initial visit I had mobility in my knee that I had not had in several years. Dr. Green has been phenomenal during all of my visits! During each and every treatment I have seen improvement.

    I am now able to swim & walk the dog, walk up stairs & do some other exercises & activities that I haven’t been physically able to do in so long. I’m still stiff & sore but due to Dr. Green’s treatments, I have had great improvement.

    I know that through continual treatments with Dr. Green, stretching & exercise I now feel that I will get the full use of my knee again. I am so EXCITED!!!

    Thanks Dr. Green for all you’ve done!

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